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A Mother’s Healing Journey

One-on-One Sessions

Who are these sessions for?
  • Those with a Womb who are in the spiral of motherhood:
    • Before Conception
    • Pregnancy
    • After birth
  • Womben who are searching for a safe space to be held and witnessed while they explore their inner landscapes for healing, self discovery, and magic.
The intention of these sessions Include
  • Strengthening Intuition
  • Embodiment
  • Inner Power
  • Sexual Healing
  • Healing from the birth experience
  • Connecting to one’s magic
  • Connecting with Baby
  • Connecting with the Ancestors
  • Connecting with the Earth

What to Expect

We will come together in a sacred ceremony to meet with your various inner selves, including inner Maiden and inner Mother. Through somatic challenges we will connect to these inner spaces to see what healing is ready to take place. Through connecting with the Earth, the Divine, and your internal source, an energetic realignment will take place so you may have access to other ways of knowing and finding your way on the path. This is in relation to becoming a new mother, or a mother who is interested in healing from a birth experience. Astrology, divination cards, flower essences, and other Earth magic may be involved to better understand the deeper themes that are coming through at this time.

Shifting Ancestral Patterns

Once I had a dream about a troubled woman. I asked her what energy she was acting out of. The dream showed that she was acting out of a harmful energy, and in doing so she carried this pattern of harm forward onto all those she loved. This energy of harm perhaps began within her own life, or with her ancestors, or from a past life. But the time has come upon this planet where we are waking up from the nightmare, and it is time to weave a new dream.

How do we shift the Energy? 

I am reminded of a quote from Rumi: “Everything in the Universe is within you.” Once we are able to recognize the root of our actions, we can shift these energies. Sometimes these energies just need to be witnessed before they are ready to release and shift. With this shifting of energy we are able to call in different energies for how we want to move forward within our lives. We can call in any energy that exists and work from there. We are that powerful. 

The Inner Guided Meditations and Flower Essences

You will be guided in meditation to meet with underlying energies that have been acting out, asking for attention. Through a somatic experience, your body shares what needs attention. We will go there and then meet with your inner selves to learn what is happening and what needs tending. 

The flowers hold secret teachings from the Universe that welcome us gently into our wholeness. They help us sustain the newly found shifts we have created so we may create a new pattern of being within our lives. Flower Essences gently support us to heal and realign to our wholeness.

As a Mother

We are gifted a sacred task to transform and shift into Motherly energy. As mothers, we are living portals and hence the spiritual backbones of our families. We are catalysts of a great initiation that is happening worldwide, every moment a child is born. We can channel the energy of the next generation. Earth is awakening to a new kind of energy, one that asks us to remember that we are the Earth, and the Earth is being born through us.


In Person at Plantasia or Video Chat

60-90 minutes



I *highly* recommend reaching out to Sacha for a session! We did the most amazing meditation, maybe my favorite one I’ve ever done. I found it so grounding and enlightening. I think it would be great for pre or postpartum integration.”

~ Kirstin ~ Lexington, KY

“The first words I would use to describe Sacha Louise are unique and authentic. This has been my experience when working with her. She has guided me in meditation to communicate with plants, animals and ancestors. Connecting all of the dots. I have received from her very tangible advice on how to direct my energy as well as who to call upon for support. In addition to her metaphysical work, she also creates hand crafted flower essences that are potent and powerful. She has a vast knowledge of what specific flowers will benefit specific circumstances in individuals’ lives. The work that she does is a holistic approach that feels very supportive and gentle. I would recommend Sacha Louise to anyone who is looking for clarity and connection in their lives.”

~ Olivia Immitt ~ Cumberland Falls, KY

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