The First Breath

of Birth of the Earth

Last week was the celebration of Aurora’s first year here on Earth. Everything about this experience has left me in a state of awe, reverence, resilience, and more fully in my power. 

Years before she was born, I entered into a meditation with my ancestors. Phil’s ancestors arrived too. In this vision they encircled us and had us meet two children. These children were waiting to be born.

At the time neither Phil nor I were visualizing our life with children; but in this meditation I could feel them. I felt my life with them, and this feeling was fulfillment. It was as though everything I had been yearning for in my life was to be orchestrated by having children. In this manner true purpose would enter into my world.  

At that moment I was convinced we were having children, but I told the ancestors they needed to show Phil. Shortly after this children began showing up in Phil’s dream, and his feelings around having children transitioned as well.

Throughout my pregnancy and with Aurora’s arrival, magical events were sprinkled throughout, leading me with a deep knowing that I wasn’t alone in this experience. There were other beings supporting us, and Aurora held a true purpose arriving onto the Earth. 

Years ago, a couple introduced us to the work of Liv Wheeler. She is a Kontomble Diviner. The Kontomble are the little people of the Dagara people in Burkina Faso and have become present in a large way in the West through the work of Malidoma Some (a dear teacher of many, an elder, who now lives with the ancestors). 

In his book, Of Water and the Spirit, he shares how the elders surround the pregnant woman in a ceremony to meet with the spirit of the baby. This spirit shares their name and purpose of being here on the planet at this time. 

I too connected with the Kontomble through a diviner named Aislinn Kercheart. Through this reading they shared the name Birth of the Earth, among other insights surrounding this work. 

As the gestation period of birthing this sacred work publicly into the world went on, the energy behind the name Birth of the Earth continued to have a strong hold. 

My deep understanding is that we are the Earth, and as we give birth to our babies, we are birthing the Earth into being.

The purpose of Birth of the Earth is to hold space for Mothers and Mothers to Be. In this space, magic and healing occurs. We remember of our wholeness with ourselves, our ancestors, and the Earth–a wholeness that supports our true purpose for being here at this time. 

Throughout my twenties, I traveled the world searching for bits and pieces of what my true being wanted to offer that would support the health and well-being of the Earth. I studied cultures, food, ideas, spirituality, and plants. 

What I discovered is that the Earth is very much integrated in supporting us to be our best selves, for we are the Earth. The Earth knows that when we are in a centered space of wellness, we treat others around us well. When we are nourished, we are able to nourish others. The more we are in our power and in our purpose, the more a family and community may thrive together. 

In this way supporting mothers feels vital at this time for the future ones of this Earth to flourish. So I have given birth to the Birth of the Earth as a way to offer my gifts of connecting mothers with flowers for ancestral healing, intuition awareness, and connecting with Earthly and Divine guidance. 

If you feel resonance with this work, reach out or send this along to another who carries a womb. 

With love and nourishment,

Sacha and the flowers

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