Healing with the Forest

The past few weeks I’ve been receiving dreams calling me into the forest. I went up there with Pink Clematis Flower Essence in search for some healing around Aurora’s birth experience. These cultivated flowers grow in our village at the home of the family who live right next to Anglin Falls (Angel Falls), making them part stewards of this sacred place. The woman who lives in that home and I sat with these flowers last year and felt the strength they offer us by reconnecting our womb space to our heart space. Needing womb and heart healing from Aurora’s birth, I brought Clematis into the forest with me.

A family of four deer have been visiting us in our backyard recently and when we went up into the forest on this day of healing, the little family was there. I followed them, and at a certain point I hit an X and so Aurora and I stopped.

There was an ancient Oak Tree, over a hundred years old. I made an offering of the Clematis, and continued on my way. I’ve been called to a flat area in the woods where many of the pines have begun to fall. They are the first trees to grow after a forest is cut. They grow fast and fall, feeding the land for other trees to grow. In this area, I felt immense grief. Grief within the land. I shed tears for this land, and knew we held similar grief.

Again, Xs appeared on the ground. I gave Clematis Flower Essence for this healing.

I continued on. I was brought to our “property line” where there were three ancient Oaks still standing. As though they were left to show the change in “property lines.” Two of the Oaks were surrounded by thick thorns, the third Oak wrapped with a thick Ivy of protection—Poison Ivy. The trees had barbed wire going through them that was placed decades upon decades ago, and these trees have grown to absorb the wire.

Telepathically connecting to the first tree, he was upset and untrusting of me. I shared with him my story of also experiencing my childhood home of trees being slaughtered. He began to open up and I offered him some of the Clematis Flower Essence. I could feel the energy of him receiving this medicine well. As did the other two trees.

They held the pain of watching their elders, and their children be cut down and taken away -wiped out. I recognized this as a grief that every one of us as a culture has also experienced somewhere within our lineage. And now most of us are still living disconnected, without support of our elders and the wise ways.

In acknowledging this deeper wound, I felt released from it. I felt a deep sense that like these last standing old growth trees, all we can do now is connect deeply into the Earth, and reach up to the heavens to support our young so these types of atrocities can be healed, and stop being played out within the human psyche.

I felt the ancient strength that my maternal line once felt. A deep internal strength. Deeply connected and supported by the Earth: our womb, and the ancestors: our heart. I felt incredibly powerful. It was a moment that made it feel absurd that we live any other way. That we live with such negative self awareness for our bodies, hearts, and minds. That really when we are connected, we are incredibly loving and powerful.

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