Healing the Wounded Spiral

This week, I was in Tractor Supply, picking up Cat food and Bird seed. While waiting to be checked out I felt a real sensation of everyone being deeply wounded. Walking around unable to recognize what wounds they were carrying. Wounds overgrown with weeds, passed down for generations upon generations.

Wounds are painful. Unhealed wounds create patterns of stealing, blaming, slavery, hierarchy, competition, victimization, etc. We have been living in a surface culture, feeling afraid that if we go deep, we may be hurt again. When these patterns are brushed up against, touched, pointed out, it is as though our wound is being poked at and we are hurt all over again; which is why we tend to lash out or retreat when something “triggers” us. It is connected to a deep wound within.

I’ve found myself triggered quite a bit this week. Perhaps it is the time of year with the cold, along with many planetary retrogrades, but one of the triggers happened after sending out last weeks email. I received an email the next day that seemed to point out an energetic pattern that has been triggered often since I was a child.

The same day I sent this email, I met with the Kontomble through Aislinn Kerchaert. The Kontomble are the Little People connected with the Dagara Tribe in Burkina Faso. The Kontomble were able to show me where this pattern was taking root from within my childhood. They guided me towards a ritual to bring about the healing. When I laid the last symbol upon the roots of the Oak tree, a wave of completion swept over me, and owls began to sing from behind me in the forest. I understood that this energetic repatterining was received in the world of Spirit. The vibrational pattern has now taken on its original harmony, and a new spiral is about to emerge within my life.

After this ritual, I finished the last drop of my Turkey Tail Flower Essence, and when I passed them by in the woods, I could feel a sense of being released. As though they were saying, our work here is done.

I also saw deeper into the work of the essences. How they gently help us find our wounds, hold them, stitch them back together, and reconnect us to our true vibrational patterns. I was feeling the other day that all of us are extremely amazing! Underneath these weeds, we are powerful, creative, loving, human beings. We’ve just forgotten, and need a good healing every now and then.

I am grateful for these connections – for these humans, little people, mushrooms, trees, owls, the loving ancestors, the whales etc. – the healing support is endless. All without which, I may not have found my way out of the weeds. While looking into my husbands’ eyes this week, we noticed how we could see ourself in the other’s eye. I finally understood the importance of being seen in all of my vibrations. To help notice which roots need to heal, and which ones have been planted with love. In this way we may weed the painful roots to make space for the new spirals waiting to be planted.

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