Dreaming with Bees

The first time I became aware of my ability to channel happened in July of 2015. A friend and I were traveling through Colorado. I was feeling grief because all of the streams looked like they were drying up. I was writing about this in my journal questioning why this was happening. While writing I felt another energy come into my presence and my handwriting changed. They said the rivers were not drying up, they were simply going underground to align with their natural flow, away from the damns and forced structures. They said humans will also begin to come home to their natural flow. At this moment the “Now hiring” signs that seemed to be abundant everywhere flashed through my mind. As though people were leaving these jobs in search for their “souls work.”

A few nights ago a bee came to visit me in a dream. I was speaking to an elder man, and all of the sudden the word “Lavender” came into my consciousness. Then the man tells me, “There’s a bee beside you saying Lavender.” Then the dream zoomed out and I could see a giant bee on the right side of me.

I realized bees have been walking with me throughout my journey into motherhood. My hypnobirthing coach was named Debra–which is Hebrew for Bee–and was known as Queen Bee. When Aurora was in the hospital, I was told by her Chaplain that her room was beside a huge mural that had flowers and a large bee on it. This chaplain also happens to work with bees and homes many beehives in her backyard.

Bees are medicine makers, community builders, who offer fertility and flowering. They support the Queen Bee to birth the future.

On our walk yesterday, I felt the Evening Primrose Plant reach out to me. A plant that Maryn Green of Indie Birth told me helped with mamas and babies who experienced the NICU. I felt the grief of many mamas and how they need support. Evening Primrose told me that if I won’t step up into my role, then the mamas that the bees, flowers, and I are meant to work with will go unattended. It was as though so many creations would be lost if I didn’t step up and do my part.

I could feel how the whole fabric of the Universe may weave itself back into harmony by us showing up for the roles our souls incarnated in this life to “BEE.”

So with that I leave you with this Bee channeled message from a few years ago.

Dear Bumblebee, what is it you would like to share with us all for the highest good?

“Yes I, the king of the flowers or so we’ve been called. We don’t believe this however. We’re believers of fate and work and that we’re fated to do our work. Sharing the nectar from flower to flower and watching the flowers give birth because of it. We are uncertain right now about the state of the world, but we do know we will continue doing our job for this is why we are here.

We are fated to do this work. We are all fated to do A work. It is not so simple for humans these days. They are so distracted from work that is not their divine work. This is why we are all in so much trouble right now and feeling uneasy about the state of the world, for the humans have stopped doing their divine work. Their true purpose for being here. They are sucked up in a world of imaginary occurrences and have lost their true sight of what is important in the world and their divine place within it.”

How do people find out what their divine work is? How do people come back to their true existence?

“Well dear soul that has come to find these answers and to question the state of the world right now. How heavy and exciting these questions are and what an honor it is that you have come to ask us, the busy bees! The busy ones you see.

Well, to find your divine purpose is quite simple, for me as a bee when I go to this sacred flower I feel in complete joy that I am gathering this sweet sweet nectar. And then when I go to the next flower I can feel the extreme joy of that flower in ecstatic wave forms that I am coming to say hello, dropping some pollen there and picking some up. I feel joy when I am buzzing from flower to flower going about my duties for the day. For it doesn’t feel much like duty it feels like ecstasy you could say. Now sometimes if I get tired, I know I just need to rest and take care of my health, and when I am healthy, and well rested, my day of joy continues.

So this is what I imagine will help you to find your divine work. The work that offers you great satisfaction and joy. For we know it is not as simple for the human. Humans have so many different purposes on this Earth But I imagine all of them have a unifying expression that helps add to the creative beauty of all of our existence.

Don’t be shy to offer that beauty into the world that you hold within yourself. For really you are just being selfish when you don’t allow your inner beauty to shine for all the world to see. Please come out and share with us, all of that beauty you hold within.

If my dear beautiful flowers never opened up their blossoms, what a sad world I would live in. I’d have no flowers to dance to and from and all of my joy would be lost in the world just as theirs would for being too shy or scared to open up into the world. So we ask you to search out your divine work and find that joy that is waiting for you there.

For in this, spirit is happy. If your spirit is happy, your mind, emotions, and body will be happy. This will send a ripple effect out into the universe. The greatest joy the world has ever known when you find and do your divine work, when you blossom for the world to see.“

Thank you so much dear bumblebee, may we come to you when we need some extra help regarding our divine work?

“We would feel exquisite if you did! Wow to help and make sure all of the flowers open up in this world will also bring us great joy. Yes, please do call upon us with your request, we will be here with divine gratitude.”

Anything else today?

“Play and work are one of the same. We love you and goodbye!”


Paint or draw a bumblebee. As you do so imagine that this bumblebee you are creating is guiding you to your sacred work. What thoughts come through your mind as you are creating? Put this on an altar that honors your sacred work. As your days go on, find different pieces that represent your sacred work and add them to this altar. As the pieces come together, and with intention, your sacred purpose will be revealed.

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