I am Sacha Louise. I am passionate about going into rich, deep places: the underworld and unseen realms, and into those parts of ourselves we have forgotten. I enjoy connecting with our ancestors, our plant kin, the mythical beings, the elementals, and interpreting daily messages from the Universe.

Throughout my own journey into motherhood, I longed for the inner spaces to be witnessed and acknowledged. My entire being was getting ready to transform and carry in another soul. I knew this didn’t happen lightly. I knew I would need great strength, support, and inner transformation.

Thankfully, I received some wonderful support throughout my pregnancy. This included my hypnotherapist, Debra Deming, my birth tender and past life witchy siste,r Maryn Green, my insightful partner Phil Feger( who is an astrologer), sharing Matrescence with my soul sister and sound healer Olivia Immitt, and of course various teachings from our Earthly kin.

Along my journey I discovered that not only are we transforming from Maidens into Mothers, but the Earth is also going through a transformational process–one that is asking us to come close to her again and to remember the sacred practices. An intentional Matrescence is one of those practices.

Many feel the call at this time to remember how to honor Mothering as a sacred pathway. I too have heard the call, and now I am guided to support other women who are ready to tend to those inner spaces and rise up in divine connection.

When I am not tending to transformational work, I am growing food and medicine with my partner Phil and our daughter Aurora. We share breath with the trees, plants, fungi, and animals in the hollers of Kentucky, a place rich in biodiversity, water, and magic.

Taking Back Birth Podcast

Connection with the Sacred Land and the Ceremony of Aurora’s Birth with Sacha Louise

“I am so honored to talk with Sacha; a magical woman and the very first family I served as a midwife here in Kentucky. I love how “difficult” birth stories can be transformed into wisdom for everyone, and Aurora’s earthside entrance is no exception! Listen to this story of connection, separation and healing and let us know what you think.”

– Maryn Green

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