A Mother’s Healing Journey

“Not only are we transforming from Maidens into Mothers, but the Earth is also going through a transformational process–one that is asking us to come close to her again and remember the sacred practices. Matrescence is one of those practices.”

Sacha Louise

Sacha Louise has been walking an intuitive plant path for over a decade. Through this path, she has discovered that the plants, flowers, fungi, trees, and elementals help us heal and align with our internal truth. She walked through the mythical Phoenix fire after giving birth to her first daughter. It was through these fires that she discovered her purpose. She now supports other mothers and mothers-to-be in connecting to their truth and healing so we may awaken to our natures as Mothers and powerful creators of beauty.

Work With Me

As we initiate into motherhood, an entire new world opens up to us. We are portals, and the Earth is ready for us to connect with her and with our deeper power within. Birth is a doorway into the unseen, and into the gorgeous being that is your divine expression. I have found that it is not just a mother that gives birth to a baby; each baby also arrives through the Stars, the Earth, and the ones we speak about from long ago. When we are aligned as mothers, we can work with these energies to provide the support our children need to thrive.


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